Team and advisors

Management team

•    Director, Evidence and analytics Matthew Harker
•    Head, Clinical Decision Support Paul Weller
•    Product Manager, Clinical Decision Support Klara Brunnhuber
•    Deputy Product Manager Elin Svensson
•    Business Development Manager Mitali Wroczynski

Editorial team

•    Editor-in-Chief Mike Bedford
•    Editor, BMJ Clinical Evidence Caroline Blaine
•    Clinical Editors Julie Costello, Kathleen Dryburgh
•    Scientific Editor Team Lead Caroline Hatchett
•    Scientific Editors Tannaz Aliabadi-Zadeh, Irene Chiwele, Chei Hung, Sam Love, Martin O’Brien

Evidence & Publishing team

•    Head, Digital Publishing Alan Thomas
•    Digital Content Editors Cathryn Denney, David Morrison, Vanessa Sibbald, Nils
van der Linden
    Assistant Digital Producer Isaac Menso
    Content Managers Lisa Parker, Laura Stephenson
    Contributor Manager James McIrvine
    Evidence Team Lead Samantha Barton
    Senior Evidence Scanner Lauren Wallis
    Evidence Scanners Natalie Masento, Will Wilson
•   Evidence Analysts  Sarah Boyce, Alex McNeil, Eno Umoh
•   Information Specialists Olwen Beaven, Alex McNeil
•   Head, Business Management Dominic Frankis
•   Administrator Varsha Mistry

Website team

•    Chief Technology Officer Sharon Cooper
•    UI designers Michael O’Connor, Shanna Barnard, Amy Asante
•    Developer Syed Shabbir
•    Senior System Administrator David Gerard

Section advisors

•    Blood and lymph disorders Mark Best, Cayman Islands
•    Cardiovascular disorders Nick Hicks, UK
•    Child health Mary Rudolf, UK and Virginia Moyer, USA
•    Digestive system disorders David Cave, USA, John McDonald, Canada, and David Metz, USA
•    Ear, nose, and throat disorders George Browning, UK
•    Endocrine disorders Shereen Ezzat, Canada
•    Eye disorders Andrew Dick, UK
•    HIV and AIDS Nandi Siegfried, South Africa
•    Infectious diseases Paul Garner, UK
•    Kidney disorders Fred Coe, USA and Michael Conlin, USA
•    Men's health Peter Schlegal, USA and Robyn Webber, UK
•    Mental health John Geddes, UK
•    Musculoskeletal disorders Troels Mork Hansen, Denmark and John Stothard, UK
•    Neurological disorders Tony Marson, UK
•    Oral health Aubrey Sheiham, UK
•    Perioperative care Andrew Smith, UK and Valerie Palda, Canada
•    Poisoning Robin Ferner, UK and Allister Vale, UK
•    Pregnancy and childbirth Metin Gulmezoglu, Switzerland
•    Respiratory disorders (acute) Satyendra Sharma, Canada and Chris del Mar, Australia
•    Sexual health George Schmid, USA
•    Skin disorders Hywel Williams, UK and Jane McGregor, UK
•    Sleep disorders Michael Hensley, Australia
•    Women's health Joseph Onwude, UK
•    Wounds Nicky Cullum, UK

Advisory Board

•    Don Berwick, USA
•    Nicky Cullum, UK
•    Chris Del Mar, Australia
•    Paul Garner, UK
•    Paul Glasziou, Australia
•    Peter Götzche, Denmark
•    Andrew Haines, UK
•    Brian Haynes, Canada
•    Ryuki Kassai, Japan
•    Christian Koeck, Austria
•    Tom Mann, UK
•    Ruaridh Milne, UK
•    Elizabeth Mullen, USA
•    Cynthia Mulrow, USA
•    Andrew Oxman, Norway
•    Eleanor Wallace, USA