Mobile subscribers


What platforms is the Clinical Evidence app available for?  

Versions are available for Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS (ver. 5.0 or higher) devices.

Does my subscription to the Clinical Evidence handbook or website include app access?

No, subscriptions to the Clinical Evidence app are sold separately to other types of access.

How frequently is the Clinical Evidence app updated?

Topics are automatically updated every 2 months for the duration of your subscription to the Clinical Evidence app.

I have recently changed computers and now my program no longer syncs.

You will need to re-install the application on your new computer. If you are prompted for your serial number, you will need to use the serial number that was sent to you when you originally registered the product.

How do I install the Clinical Evidence app to a memory card?

If your Palm, Android, or Windows Mobile device has a memory card, you will be given a choice of installing it to the card or to the main memory of your device. A memory card is required when installing the Clinical Evidence app to Blackberry devices.

I’m having problems with the Clinical Evidence app - who do I contact for help or support?

Please check the FAQ to see if your question is covered on our website. If you are still experiencing difficulties with your software, please contact Unbound Medical.