Discover more about evidence-based medicine

A suite of tools and resources to help you make EBM integral to your work and professional development, whether you want to learn more,
teach others, or apply EBM principles to improve the health of your patients.


Learn EBM

Using the processes developed by Clinical Evidence as a template, these resources explain the concepts of EBM and what is involved in conducting a systematic review.


Practise EBM

Combine your knowledge of EBM with your clinical judgement to allow patients access to the best treatment options for them. In this section, we show you how Clinical Evidence can assist you in the journey of translating evidence into improved patient outcomes.


EBM toolbox

Free tools and resources for effective learning, teaching, and practising EBM, including critical appraisal checklists and interactive appraisal tools, glossaries of useful EBM and health economic assessment terms, and bibliographies of key articles.